In Bambina veritas

In Bambina veritas

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A mix by Simone Francini 


40 ml  Cognac 
20 ml  red Vermouth 
20 ml La Bambina 
2 drops Peychaud's Bitter
Garnish: orange peel

The classic Metropolitan cocktail is a variation of the Manhattan, and Cognac is used instead of Bourbon Whiskey: my suggestion here is also an irreverent incursion of La Bambina alongside the Vermouth.

The orange peel exhales round and citrus notes that enhance the bond between wine and Vermouth.

The Peychaud's Bitter gives depth and persistence to the cocktail, while developing aromatic sensations of anise, licorice and cinnamon.


Tags: La Bambina, La Bambina cocktails, rosé wine, wine cocktails

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