La Bambina va in città

La Bambina and the City

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A mix by Simone Francini 


40 ml  Vodka 
15 ml  Cointreau
30 ml  Bambina Cordial
On top: a drop of lime and "Aria di Bambina"
Garnish: lime peel

Bambina Cordial: 
A mix of sugar, lime and rosé wine La Bambina, to be prepared 6 hours before and leave to infuse

Aria di Bambina: 
50 ml rosé wine La Bambina + 2 gr Soy Lecitine, mixed vigorously to create a soft foam

A timeless classic, made famous by stars like Madonna and the TV series "Sex and City": the Cosmopolitan, the New York most glamorous drink, meets here the delicate taste of La Bambina.

The original sour flavor of this fresh and savory cocktail combines with the Aria di Bambina's gentle touch that gently fades on the palate.


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