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Awards Coste al Vento 2012

La Corona
@ Vini Buoni d'Italia 2014

We are very happy that our Coste al Vento Grillo 2012 has been awarded the Crown by the Guida ai Vini Buoni d'Italia, which only selects the best Italian wines made with indigenous grapes.

Awards | Inzolia 2007

Miglior Qualità Prezzo
@ Guida Prezzo Piacere 2008

Inzolia 2007 is the best Sicilian wine under a quality-price ratio.

Awards | La Bambina 2009

Oscar Qualità Prezzo
@ Gambero Rosso Berebene 2011

Rosé wines are difficult, probably because they have been considered, on the contrary, too “easy”.

Awards | La Bambina 2013

Golden Star 
@ Vini Buoni d'Italia 2015

My Bambina harvest 2013 has won her first Golden Star during the final tastings of Vini Buoni d'Italia wine guide published by the Italian Touring Club! 

Awards | La Vota 2007

Concorso La Terra e il Vino
@ Enopolis 2010

A huge success for La Vota Menfi DOC 2007, that was presented at Enopolis 2010 - a renowned wine event in Catania - last Thursday 30th October, where a jury of Sicilian Sommeliers bestowed the Signature’s Wines Award on our Cabernet Sauvignon.

Awards | La Vota 2010

La Vota Cabernet Sauvignon Menfi DOC 2010
Cinque Grappoli @ Duemilavini Bibenda 2013

Great news today! Our Cabernet Sauvignon La Vota 2010 has been awarded the 5 Grappoli by the Italian Sommelier Association, being considered among the best wines in Italy. 

Awards | La Vota 2011

Cinque Grappoli
@ Duemilavini Bibenda 2014

We just received a great news, which we are pleased to share with our friends and customers.  
For the second year in a row La Vota has been awarded the Cinque Grappoli, and we are very happy for a wine that represents so well our beautiful territory and winemaking philosophy. 

Awards | La Vota 2012

Vino di Eccellenza
@ Vitae AIS 2015

A wonderful news that I am proud to share with my friends worldwide: for the third time in a row,  our Cabernet Sauvignon La Vota has been awarded the "Excellence" level by AIS - Italian Sommelier Association in their wine guide Vitae 2015. 

Awards | La Vota 2013

La Vota Cabernet Sauvignon Menfi DOC 2013
Cinque Grappoli @ Duemilavini Bibenda

Our La Vota proves to be the best Sicilian Cabernet Sauvignon according to FIS - Federazione Italiana Somelier tastings, winning the Cinque Grappoli by the Italian Wine Guide Duemilavini - Bibenda.

Awards | Nero d'Avola 2010

Oscar Qualità Prezzo
@ Gambero Rosso Berebene 2012

I am always very happy to receive positive comments on our wines. This time, I am more than happy that the Oscar quality-price of the Gambero Rosso goes to our Nero d’Avola 2010.

Ratings | Albamarina 2008

Albamarina: 93/100
@ Wine Enthusiast Magazine 2011

A great way to start the New Year with passion and enthusiasm!

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