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I am very excited to announce that my new labels are ready! 
La Bambina, Inzolia and Nero d'Avola Menfi DOC now have a new design and also new names (well, some of them). 

I have been thinking about changing my labels' design for quite a while. The previous ones were approved by my dear father, let's say more than 10 years ago, and it has not been easy for me to finally admit that it was time to move on.  

After accepting that a change was needed, my biggest problem was to adapt the way my wines should look to their personality, which has very much changed in the past years because the wine company my father designed was quite different ten years ago, and the path I have been walking after he passed away has led me to a different direction. I wanted the new labels to represent my evolution as a vintner and a winemaker, and also to show the tight connection between my wines and the beautiful terroir where I work and live. I chose bright colors with a lot of contrast to immediately recall the lights and shades innate in the Sicilian culture, and I opted for names with a meaning.

La Bambina means "the baby girl". She has always had a dog's paw print on the label, but now the design is clearer. Let me please introduce you to Joe, my favorite brown lab who is the first living being that has appreciated and supported my efforts as a winemaker since the very beginning, many many years ago (all the story here).

Tivitti is the name I chose for the Inzolia: it means "I have seen you", and this is not only what kids shout when they play hide and seek, but it is also the traditional name of a Sicilian card's game that I used to play with my aunt Anna when I was very young. A playful, joyful name that I like very much for a hassle-free wine that is meant to be a cheerful companion for every relaxing moment.

Lu Còri means "The heart", and I believe it is just perfect for a generous wine made with Nero d'Avola, the most representative red grape of Sicily. 


These three wines have an even more special meaning when you read their names one after the other: La Bambina tivitti lu còri means "the baby girl can see your heart". It incredibly describes my personal approach to life, and somehow it relates to the most meaningful part of my life, that is wine: be open and innocent like a child to deeply connect with other's emotions

I am not sure my father would have really liked the drawing, as I have never been a talented designer, but I do believe he is watching over me, smiling with his different colored eyes. 


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