Perricone buds in Tenuta Belicello

Spring, finally

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Thanks to the beautiful weather of the past week, the vineyards are now covered with herbs and wild flowers and it’s finally time for bud break

It has been a very long and rainy winter for three months straight: at some point, fields and vineyards were not able to retain the rain anymore, and it became almost impossible even to walk or drive, as roads and trails were washed out in many places around Menfi.

As you see from this infographic, we received more than 20 inches of rain since the beginning of 2015, almost double the average for the same trimester last year, and we are running terribly late with all vineyard works.

Then, without notice, a sunny day bursts out, and all greens and herbs and flowers start to twinkle under the bright light, and suddenly it’s time for bud break. Now we need to speed up: mow the grass, till the soil, tie the youngest vines to the wires before their new shoots start to grow.

You won’t believe it, but it’s already the beginning of a new harvest.


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