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The official list of top wine influencers: I am number 11 in the world according to Klout!

A lot of buzz has burst on the internet in the past weeks as soon as the Top Wine Influencers lists have been published (Luiz Alberto here, TheWineWankers here).

I personally don’t care that much about being n° 15 or 36 or 100 according to Klout or to Kred or to any other algorithm that measures your web activity impact and your followers’ engagement on social platforms.
Though working on and with social media is something I take very seriously, ratings are - on the contrary - just some entertaining minutes in my day, something I am amused to play with once in a while between a wine presentation and a délestage.

Whatever the score, I am personally happy and proud to be member of such a great community of #winelovers worldwide: people who care about wine, who support and respect the hard work that is needed to make the pleasure of wine possible every day.
People who share their passion for wine territories, who walk vineyards and taste grapes and lend a hand during harvests, who aim to learn about different terroirs and to understand climates and grapes’ personality, who help protecting the traditional culture that lies beyond a bottle of good wine, who help growers and winemakers to promote big appellations as well as unknown small crus, and to spread the wine love around the world.

Thank you all #winelovers, wherever you are!

PS: Special thanks to Luiz Alberto, founder of the #winelover community.
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