From #instagram to the #market

From #instagram to the #market

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Selling wine through social networks is a viable option, but only if you are able to manage a true and reliable communication

Back story: yesterday a Twitter friend posted a picture of the Nero d’Avola on Instagram, saying it was good. A friend of him who owns a pastry shop saw that pic, and sent me an email. Today I am sending her the first bottles of our collaboration.

Free circulation of ideas, virtual friendships that are more than real, online tastings in different cities, pictures exchanged and commented on instagram that become recommendations and then turn into business, or into cultural events.

I believe there’s no limit to the internet, and it is just the beginning.

“People tell me because I do not mix with”. Everybody who’s following the latest controversy among Nossiter / Intravino / Gastronauta / Italian bloggers feel the net as a tangible, real world. A world where the “dinosaurs of the communication” are about to become extinct, with all their glossy covers and everything that goes with it.
I feel like living in an inexhaustible forge, just like the citizens of Paris before the Revolution, which came out more from Gutemberg’s invention of mechanical movable type printing than from obscure political alliances and treaties.

To live and work at the geographical margins of the world is not that impossible anymore.

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