• My name is Marilena Barbera
    and I am an independent winegrower.
    I live and make my wines in Menfi, Sicily.
  • Terroir

    Sea and wind, air and light,
    and the fascinating history of human civilization
    that has made Sicily the cradle of the Mediterranean culture.
  • Mission
    Organic farming, natural winemaking, and ethical business.

Guide del Vino 2017 i vini premiati
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I am very happy to share the news that The Wine Advocate’s latest ratings are very positive for all the wines I have sent them at the end of last year.

The Wine Advocate’s just published their reviews for Sicilian wines in their December issue, where four of my wines got very positive ratings by Monica Larner, Wine Specialist with over 15 years’ experience in Italian wines’ tastings.

All my wines are rated between 88 and 90 points, which in the Parker’s scale indicate very good wines displaying finesse, exceptional complexity and character. In short, Monica suggests that these are terrific wines!

  • Ciàtu Alicante Menfi DOC 2016 proves its quality once again, confirming the 90/100 points that this wine was awarded last vintage, and consolidating its reputation on the US market. A powerful, dark and impenetrable wine with an exquisite bouquet of exotic spice, black fruit and light smoke. Here’s the full review
  • Arèmi Catarratto Superiore Menfi DOC 2016 gets a fabulous rating of 89+/100. This is described as an interesting wine showing hints of orange peel and preserved lemon, enhanced by a slightly oxidized and elaborate style underlining a floral aromatic profile. Here’s the full review
  • Microcosmo Perricone Menfi DOC 2016 reaches an exciting 89/100. This high score surprised me because Perricone is quite a newcomer to the US market, and still almost unknown to the public. For this reason, I thank Monica for trusting a wine that deeply represents terroir in Western Sicily: I am that sure that Perricone will be one of the next big thing overseas, thanks to the work and attention of those who dedicate their lives to educate people about the less famous Sicilian grape varieties. Here’s the full review.
  • Dietro le Case Inzolia Menfi DOC 2017 proudly gets 88/100, and this is an extraordinary tribute to Inzolia. In 2017, my old vines delivered beautifully ripe grapes packed with tons of candied apricots and citrus aromas. Here’s the full review.

Thanks ya’ll, I do hope we will meet during one of my next wine events!


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About me

My name is Marilena Barbera and I am a winegrower. I live in Menfi, Sicily, where I make wine with my mother and the Cantine Barbera's crew.

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